LED Control

Advanced WS2812/SK6812 RGB/RGBW LED controller with on-the-fly Python animation programming, web code editor/control interface, 1D, 2D, and 3D display support, and E1.31 sACN support for Raspberry Pi

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Built-In Animation Patterns

Static Color

Static Gradient 1D

Static Gradient Mirrored 1D

Hue Cycle 1D

Hue Cycle Quantized 1D

Hue Scan 1D

Hue Bounce 1D

Hue Waves 1D

Hue Ripples 1D

Palette Cycle 1D

Palette Cycle Mirrored 1D

Palette Cycle Quantized 1D

Palette Cycle Random 1D

Palette Scan Mirrored 1D

Palette Bounce Mirrored 1D

Palette Waves 1D

Palette Ripples 1D

Palette Ripples (Fast Cycle) 1D

Palette Plasma 2D

Palette Fractal Plasma 2D

Palette Twinkle 1D

Palette Perlin Noise 2D

RGB Sines 1D

RGB Cubics 1D

RGB Ripples 1 1D

RGB Plasma (Spectrum Sines) 2D

RGB Plasma (Fire Sines) 2D

RGB Fractal Plasma (Fire Sines) 2D

Blackbody Cycle 1D