Folding Backpack Hanger 2.0

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Changes from V1.0 (2019):

When printed in PETG according to the instructions, I would recommend using this hanger to hold no more than 8kg (17.5lb). Based on FEA simulations and physical testing, the actual yield strength will be several times that.

This will hang from the top of a door, a hole in <20mm thick material, or a similar object without any modification, but adding some nonslip material such as thin neoprene foam tape to the tip of the hook allows it to hang off a flat surface such as the edge of a table as shown below.


Print with 100% infill in PETG, PC, PA, or any tough and slightly flexible material. 21c-p2 hook.stl must be printed on its side with supports enabled.


Assemble the clip body and hanging hook as shown in the pictures and screw them together with an M5x16mm screw and an M5 nut, preferably a Nylok nut. Insert the strap of your bag through the loop in the hanger.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.