Bag Clip

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3D printable bag clip that creates a near-airtight seal with most plastic bags, from standard 2mil polyethylene bags to thick multilayer coffee bags. This clip clamps the bag more aggressively than other designs and does not rely on flexure hinges or print-in-place parts. STL files for 100mm and 160mm clips are provided; larger sizes are possible but untested. Original Solidworks CAD files are included for modification.

Note: For the best seal, thin single-layer bags should be folded before clipping.

Update 2021-08-08: Version 1.1, reduced material usage by ~10% and eliminated the need for support material.

Update 2021-09-08: Added a mini version, which has a 68mm wide clamping area, uses ~50% less material than V1.1, and squeezes tighter (0.25mm gap vs 0.5mm) to more effectively seal small and thin bags.


Print in a material with a low flexural modulus such as PETG, PA, PC, or PP without supports. I printed the clips shown in the photos in PETG.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.