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Other Projects

serial-grapher Tool for graphing and logging CSV data received over a serial port
npm-license-scraper Tool for collecting the licenses of dependencies of a Node.js project
pid-autotuner C++ library for automatically tuning PID control loops
l3gd20-python Python library for the L3GD20 3-axis I2C gyroscope
lsm303-python Python library for the LSM303 3-axis I2C accelerometer/magnetometer
raspi-python-st7735 Python library for using ST7735 LCDs on a Raspberry Pi
fusion360-cycloidal-drive Fusion 360 script for generating cycloidal drives
gridslice Command line tool for slicing images on a grid
LED Ring Clock Arduino-based RGB LED analog clock

Web Tools

HCLPicker HCL color picker
imdl Quick Imgur album and caption downloader
IconScaler Online icon resizing tool for iOS and Android development
Strange Attractors Make beautiful renderings of strange attractors

3D Printable Designs