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Other Projects

arduino-pid-autotuner Arduino library for automatically tuning PID control loops
gridslice Command line tool for slicing images on a grid
raspi-python-st7735 Python library for using ST7735 LCDs on a Raspberry Pi
LED Ring Clock Arduino-based RGB LED analog clock
MicroMonitor (unsupported) Full-featured open source macOS menu bar system monitor

Web Tools

HCLPicker HCL color picker
imdl Quick Imgur album and caption downloader
IconScaler Online icon resizing tool for iOS and Android development
Strange Attractors Make beautiful renderings of strange attractors

Useful Information

Dimension drawings and CAD files for making GoPro-compatible mounts

3D Printable Designs

Customizable OpenSCAD Designs

Customizable Cable Clip For attaching cables or tubing to square or round objects
Customizable L Bracket Versatile L bracket for just about anything
Customizable Shaft Collar Basic screw clamping shaft collar